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TNT Portable Hand Controls - Driving Made Easy !!
Driving Controls for Your Freedom
Installs in Minutes
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TNT Portable Hand Controls PN# TNT-PHC "In Stock to Ship"
TNT Portable Hand Controls, Making for the Ease of Driving!! Fits Most All Cars, ATV's or anything with Accelerator & Brake Pedal for the Physically Challenged Person !! Gain your Independence today!!

Suggested List: $445.65
Sale Price: $280.76

TNT Portable Hand Controls

TNT Portables, Inc.
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Phone: (423) 648-5501 Fax: (423) 855-0710

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Freedom for Driving!! - Do Not Miss Out !!

Visit our History Page to read how this product was developed and the reasons for it's development. This will describe how one small device can make your life so much easier and give the independence that you deserve.

Motorist who suffer from disabilities often have trouble operating the foot pedals of their vehicles. These individuals may be unable to apply and maintain the pressure needed to operate the brake or accelerator as needed for safe operation while traveling / driving. In some applications, such as amputees, paraplegics, quadriplegics, the pedals are impossible to operate in typical fashion.

In an effort to provide handicapped individuals with an improved means of operating the foot pedals of their vehicles, the TNT Portable Hand Controls has been invented and put on the market to provide the aid for these people. This product would be specially designed to operate both the Brake Pedal and Accelerator Pedal with the use of the left hand. the palm is used to apply the Brake Pedal and thumb is used to apply the Accelerator Pedal. The Right hand free to operate the Steering Wheel.

The TNT Portable Hand Controls will provide an added measure of safety for the Physically Handicapped and challenged individuals. This mechanism could help prevent accidents and make the driver feel more in control. The product would be fully adjustable in length so the driver can achieve the best possible positioning for applying the pressure to activate the brake and accelerator pedals.

The only portable hand controls to work with most all Vehicles, ATV's, Motor-Homes & Un-Limited Uses.

Three minute TOTAL setup time

No permanent vehicle modification

Universal - fits Most All vehicles

Universal - fits ATV's, Motor-Homes & Un-Limited uses

Use For Rental Cars

Fully Adjustable - for Comfort

Use For Everyday Use

Use For Temporary Disability

Fully Independent Controls

Folds to 18" for easy travel

3-Minutes to Re-Assemble and Re-Install.

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This Patented Device is now on the market"
Patent # : US 6,571,656 B1

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