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Chattanooga Service Factory Technicians here to Service your Chattanooga, Mettler, Dynatronics, Richmar and others.
           Chattanooga Factory Technicians
in Chattanooga, TN for your DJO / Chattanooga
Parts & Service!!
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Intelect Legend Power Supplies
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ClockWork Innovative Solutions, Inc.  Call (423) 648-5501   Fax (423) 855-0710   E-Mail:

1-Replacement Parts

ClockWork Innovative Parts

Your one stop Parts House - For Authentic Chattanooga Original & O.E.M. Parts!!

Former Chattanooga Group Technicians Still in Chattanooga, TN to Service & Supply you,
with your needed service & parts.

Applicator Replacement
Applicator Replacement for DJO/Chattanooga & Dynatronics Ultrasound Units.

Cabinet / Case - Unit Parts
Replacement Case / Chassis Parts - To Replace Broken & Cracked Cases
Carbon Rubber Electrodes
ClockWork offers High Quality "Soft" Carbon Rubber Electrodes.
Carbon Electrodes are LOW RESISTANCE - For Best Stim Delivery !!


Fans - Cooling

Factory replacement case fans for the Legend / Forte CPS Series & the New Legend XT / Vectra Genisys Series DJO / Chattanooga Units.

*** Keep your unit running Cool & Free of Dust!! ***

Fluidotherapy Replacement Parts
Fluidotherapy Replacement Parts

Forte CPS / Intelect Legend Switch Kit
Chattanooga Forte CPS / Legend Power Switch Kit

Chattanooga Forte CPS / Legend replacement Power Switch Kit. Comes with the
factory switch and the adapter plate needed to mount newer switch in backpanel.

Hydrocollator Parts

ClockWork is offering Factory Replacement Parts for the Hydrocollator Units.

Intensity Switch
This is the Factory Replacement Intensity switches for the DJO/Chattanooga units.

Lead Wire Replacement
Replacement Leadwires for most all Chattanooga Units & Dynatronics. TENS & HVP Leadwires. Along with FDA Adapters.
Linak Motor Replacement

Low Volt LV110 & LV120 Parts
Replacement Parts for Chattanooga Low Volt Mdl's:




Overlay Membrane / Touch Screens
Overlay Membranes for DJO / Chattanooga Units. Including Intelect Legend Series, CPS Series, Vectra PRO Series, Triton Traction, TX Traction and others.
Patient Interrupt & Hand Switches
Chattanooga / DJO Patient Interrupt Control Hand Switches In-Stock at ClockWork Innovative Solutions. Along with Pneumatic Control Switches.
Power Supply / Power Cord
Replacement Power Supplies for DJO/Chattanooga Products & Other Manufactures. Also Hospital Grade Power Cords In stock.
Saunders Cervical Repair Kit
Saunders Repair Kit - This kit will replace your stripped out adjustment screw rod, plates to adjust the tension of the pads to your patient. Comes as a complete kit, Stainless and improved.
Saunders Hand Pump
Saunders Home-Trac Hand Pump
Table ** PARTS **
Here at ClockWork Innovative we have some of the most frequent - "Table Replacement Parts"
Table (Hand & Foot) Switches
Hand and Foot Switches for your Table!! Switches for Hanning and Linak Motors. These will fit all or most tables for Dynatronics, Chattanooga Group, Armedica and other Tables.
Table Parts
Replacement Torsion Springs
Timer - Replacements
Timer Replacement for your faculty timer. Click to find your timer and if you do not find yours, please give us a call at (888) 562-2990 for your support.
Traction Belts / Harness

For Cervical, Pelvic, and Lumbar applications. These traction accessories are durable, easy to use, and Economical. One size fits most.
Traction Cervical Clevis
Cervical Traction Device for these Models of Traction devices:
>> T100, MP1 & T700
>> TX (Older Style)
>> TX / DTS (New Style)

Triton MP1 / T700 Traction
Authentic Chattanooga replacement parts for Triton models MP1 & T700 units. ClockWork provides service for these models. To send in for service go to our Repair Return Form (RMA)-- Link on top of site.
TX1 & TX7 Traction Parts

TX Traction -New Syle
ClockWork Offers "Authentic" DJO / Chattanooga Replacement parts for the TX Traction Units, along with FACTORY Technicians to service the TX Product!!

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ClockWork Innovative - Applicator Repair Service

ClockWork Innovative - Applicator Repair Service.

ClockWork Innovative Solutions, Inc

ClockWork offers factory trained service from Chattanooga Group Technicians still in Chattanooga, TN to provide you with factory knowledge.

Visit our Online Service Request Form to send in your equipment for True Factory Trained Support!!

ClockWork Innovative Service Request Form (RMA) - Send in your equipment for Former Factory Technician Service !!

Prices / Products are subject to change without notice being reflected on website pricing. Please call for current pricing.

Call (423) 648-5501  If you receive our Voice Mail please leave your name and number and we will call you back as soon as possible.  
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